Jul 4, 2011

36 with gratitude

I had a lovely birthday with lots of favorites- Facebook messages, French Meadow, Paper Source, Finn Style, and dinner and games with the Putnams.

Love and blessings… when Kevin and I were in Rome in January of 2010 we made a list. I was blue about heading back to regular life, and he helped me make “Meg’s Love and Blessings” on a page of his omnipresent Moleskine. We’re on our 3rd version, so here is my current list. (I carry these in my wallet so I can look at them whenever I need a reminder.)

This is the only list Kevin appears on twice ;) Here’s my challenge to you- what is on your love and blessings list? Make one for yourself or your family.


  • What a great list!! and an even better idea! It is very good to count your blessings one by one and take note. I think – actually I know that it helps keep things in perspective. I do have one question though…Emily Program? explain please?

  • Keith- It’s worth another post. I’ll do one soon. In the meantime: http://www.emilyprogram.com

  • Happy belated birthday! We have a couple things in common on your list only my bookends are named Scott. I’m also exploring career options (which means taking my own advice since I’m a career counselor) and have experience with the Emily Program. Great idea to make lists and revisit them often!

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Looking forward to @SMBMSP tomorrow!
14 months ago
RT @smbmsp: Just added some more free jobseeker/students tix for #SMBMSP56 tomorrow. Get 'em while you can: http://t.co/1f3fROCgEo
14 months ago
RT @Hennepin: Congratulations to the first same-sex couple to apply for their marriage license in the county! http://t.co/RzAXQgnUW2
14 months ago
I'm completely misty watching the first same sex couples get their marriage licenses in Hennepin… http://t.co/lwTypqI1gt
14 months ago

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