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Mar 16, 2011

2011 LJ Mover and Shaker

I am very proud to share that I was named a 2011 Library Journal Mover and Shaker. I have always been impressed by those who have graced the lists before me. I want to send extra thanks to my manager Marilyn Turner who nominated me and supported my work. I am also grateful to my local social media community for teaching me so much about marketing, communications, and public relations.

Jan 17, 2011

the librarian formerly known as meg canada

A week from now I will already have a new name. Margaret Gerritsen Knodl.

Canada has been my name for over a decade. It took three years of being a Canada without the Canada family to realize I don’t need a “cool” name to be special or unique or memorable.  The name Canada is like a coat I have worn too long and has gotten a little stifling.

Was Canada a real name? Yes. I was married to a Canada from 2000-2008

Is that just a name you use online? No.

Are you Canadian? No.

Do you love Canada? Yes, the country is great.

What is your new name ? Meg Knodl is German in origin and means dumpling (‘Knödl’ are dumplings. There are three types, 2 sorts of ‘Kartoffel Knödl’ (Potato dumpling either made from cooked and raw potatoes (half-half) or made from raw potatoes) and 1 ‘Semmel Knödl’ (made from bread, eggs, milk, etc. dumpling).

How do you say that? Say Ka- no- del.

Are you going to go back to Gerritsen? No, it will always be my middle name.

Don’t you feel like you’ll lose your personal brand? No, I’m ready to forge ahead. Businesses undergo mergers and acquisitions and change names everyday. The librarian may have a new name, but the substance is still here.

Nov 28, 2010


I don’t usually post stuff like this- strong words and a message I believe… I wish I came across more like it more often to post.  It’s worth your time and attention. Please note the language is nsfw. The poetry is beautiful.

I love that Kevin found it first and that he welled up when I watched it and got emotional.

Oct 30, 2010

side by side

Tonight I watched the very sentimental and lovely movie, The Young Victoria. In one scene Victoria decides to share her reign with Albert, her husband. As a symbolic gesture, Victoria has Albert’s desk moved next to hers where they can share their work.

Once upon a time I wanted a desk for two. I even ordered a large table from Room and Board with a warm butcher block top and stainless steel legs. I bought it in the hope that I could share it with another computer offset facing my partner. My partner never stayed around long enough to use the table. The room never materialized. The table became a dusty reminder of a dream lost. It was too big, and it cracked when I tried to move it into my apartment from the old house.

Kevin has built us a desk to sit side by side. We have a new ten foot desk with room for computers, cords, lamps, and a printer. He cut, welded and painted the metal frame. We picked out the wood at the ReUse Center from old barn siding. Kevin put masonite under the wood (so I wouldn’t snag my tights). He sanded and planed the wood, polyurethaned, sanded and repeated.  A custom fit, we are already using the desk.

The desk has got me thinking. I love blogging, but Meg’s Single Step may not be the best spot anymore. Three years in the making, now new ideas are hatching. Name changes are coming. My identity is shifting yet again. This has been my single step. A single step to make it out of bed every morning, a single step to trust love again, a single step to the next one. The next step will take me on a new journey, and I will keep you posted.


new desk


Meg Knodl is a librarian and social light. Opinions and ideas shared here are Meg's and do not represent the opinions of Hennepin County Library or other organizations.


Looking forward to @SMBMSP tomorrow!
14 months ago
RT @smbmsp: Just added some more free jobseeker/students tix for #SMBMSP56 tomorrow. Get 'em while you can:
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RT @Hennepin: Congratulations to the first same-sex couple to apply for their marriage license in the county!
14 months ago
I'm completely misty watching the first same sex couples get their marriage licenses in Hennepin…
14 months ago

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