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Mar 16, 2011

2011 LJ Mover and Shaker

I am very proud to share that I was named a 2011 Library Journal Mover and Shaker. I have always been impressed by those who have graced the lists before me. I want to send extra thanks to my manager Marilyn Turner who nominated me and supported my work. I am also grateful to my local social media community for teaching me so much about marketing, communications, and public relations.

Mar 10, 2011

six words

6 well-chosen words can be worth more than a thousand. This is the premise of my friend, Emily Lloyd‘s public art project. She’s looking for Minneapolitans to write six word stories. Send her your six word story.

Mar 10, 2011

scrambled meg

I’ve been working on tumblr. Fortunately, Mr. K is fluent in tumblr. It has prompted me to update my own tumblr. Given all this tumbling I think the title is appropriate.

Aug 17, 2010

smbmsp: a changing community

A good community has conversations, right? I’d like to put in my two cents about the recent changes to Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis-St. Paul (SMBMSP).

I have waxed about the value and community I have gained through Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis-St. Paul. “SMBMSP has given me a free outlet to access information that enhances my career and the larger library world.”  I consider Mykl Roventine one of my closest friends, and he and Rick Mahn have given me this amazing opportunity to expand my skill set and meet a group of people I would not have otherwise. I even hosted two of the meetings well over a year ago (one at the Central Library for 80 people and one at the Brookdale Library for 180). The group grew quickly and venues and reserved spots became more and more difficult to find.

Recently, there has been a dust-up about the group becoming more pro by taking on an Agency of Record (another organization I love Sterling Cross Communications) and now charging a $10 + processing charge entry fee. I agree that in order for Mykl and Rick to continue these steps are necessary. The group needs to evolve and change.

Let me be clear, I support Mykl and Rick in this decision and do not object to the fee. I know there is a great deal of work that goes into these events. Working with Ashley Schweitzer and NetSquared Net Tuesdays this past year has been tough, and I am ready to pass the torch.

As a past SMBMSP regular, however, I am nostalgic and even sad for the time when the community was so open.  A public librarian could step up and speak at a social media event or volunteer. I’ve never felt that MIMA, PRSA, or the other alphabet orgs were affordable or could help me find answers and frankly, friendships like SMBMSP. I joke that I joined SMBMSP to meet men- not entirely untrue, but I have met some great professionals in what I dubbed as the Rotary Club of Social Media. Some of the folks, like me are not in the larger advertising/marketing/pr world, but fufill these roles within our organizations or companies. I will miss the ease and casual feel of the old, but I will pay to attend SMB when the topic is right.

Jul 1, 2010


Dear Reader,

I love July 2, not only is it my birthday- it is the half day of the year. 2010 has reached her halfway mark.

I asked and life delivered. On my 34th birthday, I was ready for a significant life change- and now, at 35, I’m engaged!! I didn’t learn how to decoupage, but I did visit Venice, Naples, and Rome this January. And I joined the Catholic church- no small feat.  The other ideas for significant life changes from last year aren’t ruled out either.  I may still get a PhD or have a career change. I crossed off  a couple of those more casual goals, but left some behind. This hasn’t come without a little crisis. Changing my name, choosing a new home, and carving out a new identity have been challenges I am embracing. I’m even exorcising some old demons at the Emily Program.

My hope for 35 is to grow more creative and more flexible.  I have a really great year ahead: a move, a wedding, living with a spouse (full-time eek), and my greatest hope is to start a family.

To return to Lao Tzu, the inspiration for this blog’s title,

In dwelling, live close to the ground.
In thinking, keep to the simple.
In conflict, be fair and generous.
In governing, don’t try to control.
In work, do what you enjoy.
In family life, be completely present.

Happy New Year, everyone. Love, Meg

Jun 23, 2010

thank you

Thank you to all who attended the Texas State Library and Archives Commission Webinar! Getting Started with a Social Media Plan (Using Social Media in the Library Series) is the first of three webinars I will be doing. I’m looking forward to meeting you virtually or in person someday soon.


Meg Knodl is a librarian and social light. Opinions and ideas shared here are Meg's and do not represent the opinions of Hennepin County Library or other organizations.


Looking forward to @SMBMSP tomorrow!
14 months ago
RT @smbmsp: Just added some more free jobseeker/students tix for #SMBMSP56 tomorrow. Get 'em while you can:
14 months ago
RT @Hennepin: Congratulations to the first same-sex couple to apply for their marriage license in the county!
14 months ago
I'm completely misty watching the first same sex couples get their marriage licenses in Hennepin…
14 months ago

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